We are a family owned and operated company serving Northwest Oklahoma's home improvement needs for over sixty years.
The company was founded in 1946 by Clyde Carter. After World War II, Clyed stayed in California for a short time working odd jobs. It was during this time that he saw a product called attic insulation. With the dream of starting his own business, Clyde moved to Enid where his mother and father lived. Clyde's father wanted him to work for a well established company so that he would have a steady income, but Clyde had a different idea. He was going to start a business that insulated attics.
Clyde started the business in 1946 with a plan and a goal for his first year. If he didn't achieve this goal, he would follow his father's advice. He decided after the first two months that he was on the right track.
Attic insulation was the first product our company specialized in. Over the next twenty years the company grew and added different product lines. In 1966 Clyde built a new showroom, shop and warehouse combination at our current location; 808 West Willow. We became Enid Insulation, Siding, and Storm Windows.
In 1996 our company was recognized by the State of Oklahoma and given a Certificate of Congratulations for our fiftieth anniversary. Although marking this anniversary was a proud accomplishment for the company, Clyde knew if the company was to continue to grow over the next fifty years, he couldn't rest on what he had done in the past.
Through the years our company has evolved and expanded to keep pace with the current trends, yet never sacrificing quality for the "easy buck". As building codes have changed, literally rendering the secondary insulation industry obsolete, and with the new energy efficient vinyl windows making storm windows a thing of the past, we have now become Enid Siding and Windows.
As the business is handed down, generation to generation, our mission remains the same; quality products, quality service, and customer satisfaction. We realize these three things are the key ingredients to our past success and are a must for our continued success in the future. As we look ahead, we look forward to not only serving your needs, but the needs of your future generations as well.

Don Carter
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